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Traditionally prepared using modern techniques
Using modern techniques, all Shefa farm dairy products are prepared according to traditional methods, thus doing full justice to the rich dairy taste. Moreover, none of the proteins, minerals en healthy polyunsaturated Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty assets the milk naturally contains are lost. The dextrorotatory lactic acids stimulate a healthy intestinal flora. The manufacturing process is HACCP certified and guarantees fresh, healthy and safe farm dairy products.

Distinguishable authenticity
Often it’s not easy for consumers, and even for you as an entrepreneur or buyer, to distinguish authenticity. That’s why the Dutch association for farm dairy producers, the ‘Bond van Boerderijzuivelbereiders’, developed a mark of quality for real farm dairy, as a proof of authenticity.

Only a few producers meeting the strict conditions for real farm dairy products are allowed to use this mark of quality. All Shefa's farm dairy products satisfy these conditions with flying colours. The mark of quality on our packaging guarantees the authenticity of Shefa’sfarm dairy products, an absolute added value.